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July 16, 2012
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18 mm
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Jul 15, 2012, 11:01:35 AM
Aperture 3.2.2
Armchair by ZerberuZ Armchair by ZerberuZ
A place for an old man… remembering his past …
hopefully dying with a smile….
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Yagamiseven Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
looks nice
ZerberuZ Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Thank you :)
VomitBean Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
This is lovely. The lighting, the subtle warm coloring, and the success of the vertical and centrally balanced composition, it seems you can break the rules of composition and "get away with it". XD But it is because of the perfect balance and the weight of the shapes.
Another thought - your "old man" is so benevolent, wistful and sweet-tempered. So many of them instead cause misery and bitterness up to the last breath. This could also be the chair of a petty tyrant. lol you have a more pleasant view of old men than I do :laughing:
ZerberuZ Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Woohoo thank you very much for your critique on this one, again it makes me curious about you, because you seem to have a deep knowledge of photographic rules ;)
i sometimes take the freedom to break all the rules :P
I was just thinking about me being an old man waiting for the frozen touch of death around my neck, i hope i will remember my life with a smile when i have my last breath ... but i seriously doubt on it ..................
VomitBean Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
I feel strongly that it is only after the rules of art are well-learned that an artist can break them. Today it seems everyone is in a rush to break them BEFORE they learn them. I don't think that is genius. It is just pretentious fashion. I think you break the rules in a way that shows understanding and choice, not just messing around in ignorance and arrogance.

Well okay, so you are curious...:hmm:
In the past I have always felt regret after I tell more about myself here on DA. But I will. First, I will confess I am an old old OLD woman :granny: (for example the girl in the Dancer and "Tired" photo here on DA is my oldest daughter). I find that being older than most DA people is not something that fits well here. Also, I am a "failed" artist myself. I had thought I would become a great illustrator, I went to a good art school for that but I have made nothing of it. I suppose I did not have enough dedication, but it is hard to make judgements on yourself properly. I guess I have given up. And I don't think I really care too much anymore, although at one time I certainly did.
My mother was an art teacher and I often spent time in her classroom and when I was older helped her prepare, then when I was in college I helped teach the young children in the summer. Art books were all around the house in my young years and our TV was broken so....:shrug: lol what else would I look at? For a time she would tell us kids to pose for her depressing black and white photos,while she experimented with different effects. It was boring. So I hated photography and wanted to go play with Barbie dolls or something lol and finally...yes, it's husband is 100% obsessed with photography. I mean obsessed. (he has another kind of job, photography is not his profession, though of course any photographer would like it to be, and he has sold work, but not enough, any city can only have a few that make enough money at it and there are always those that are well-established with the reputation, and what can you do? And now with the terrible economy people just do NOT spend the money on art, it is bad enough here just to buy food unless you are among the wealthier classes. :faint: But, I must mention that he is a different type of photographer than you and NomnomB. And he is not here in DA. But it seems to me that the photographer's brain is the same, you are like hunters without guns. In his case, he travels through any difficulty and sits for long hours in any weather to get a nature or wildlife shot, for you and NomnomB it is the Urban hunt. I saw in one comment you said you hid in the old building at night, hiding from guards until the sun came up and you could take the photos. Yes, I admit that behavior is familiar to me :laughing:
Sometime I think I will take one of his better cameras and try my own photos but I have not yet. When I was in art school and had to have a photography class with the old-fashioned darkroom i hated it. And when my husband first stated to talk all day and night about photography I was not excited to hear about it. In the last few years I finally see photographs different than I did before. I did not appreciate the complexities of photography, I was not interested in them earlier, I only liked drawing or painting and thought those were superior forms of art. I don't think that way now.

and, when you spoke of an old man I thought first of my own father who causes more trouble than I want to think about, and he shows no weakening with age :slamhead: But I do think dying is going to be pure shit. :shakefist: When I was young I had ridiculous ideas about what aging would be like, but now that I am in it, I feel no poetry about it. I hope I am still very far from Death,
:giggle: but when ever He comes nearer, I am quite sure I won't be pleasantly smiling.

There, now that was a very long story, even if you are already familiar with my Very Long Story Habit. :reading:
ZerberuZ Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
Indeed a very long story, :D
but i confirms my thought that after reading some of your comments that you must be related to art in some way, because you showed instantly a deep knowledge of art :)
sad to hear about the "failed" artist, which is a ridiculous thought in fact, i think the failure would be not trying to express yourself in art .. art has different forms of self-expression even if other people don't understand what you want to express with it, the essential is to do it and than thinking about what you did or why,
For me photography is a sort of therapy ... working up my thoughts and emotions in some pictures ...
But i'm glad that you found a way to see different at photography and your husband, but still i'm a bit curious to see some of your works and of course of your husband too :)
VomitBean Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
okay. I am uploading some photos. If only to exercise my brain cells. XDD
If the way I edited them looks too shitty, I will see that in a few days when my new computer arrives. If that happens I will take these photos down and fix them.
I guess my true intent at uploading photos now is that I think "real" America might be different than what other people imagine, so perhaps some people I watch now will be interested if I show simple images near my home and area. Even people within the U.S. maybe will look. Who knows :shrug:
On one Urbex photo I saw an American comment that "we don't have these kinds of decaying places here" Holy shit! Yes we do. Maybe not where they live but....
If no one is interested, that's okay too. Because I actually am very fond of the way my town looks, it's quite odd, and rather poor, yes, we are all falling apart, but we also have a beautiful lake and rivers. I don't like the garbage around the streets, :puke: but I do like the look of ugly houses - we have MANY! So I don't mind taking photos of what I see each day.
ZerberuZ Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
i just added you to my watch list :)
VomitBean Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
Thanks. My frumpy little town enjoys the attention :spin:
All the attention of the TV and movie cameras normally goes to her distant cousins New York and Los Angeles. :laughing:
ZerberuZ Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
:D ig i would know which frumpy little town you are talking about :D
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